Daily Special

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50 g meat $9.95 per meal / 100 g meat $14.95 per meal

Grill seasoned with Baie Run Organic Coconut Oil. All meats sourced at Outtons, Home of Martock Glen Farm


Spaghetti and Buffalo Balls

Grilled water buffalo "balls", seasoned with Baie Run cricket powder served on a bed of spiralized veggie "noodles", with a sheep's milk "rosé" sauce


Venison & Veggie Vindaloo

Veggies and venison in a curry sauce made with Baie Run Turmeric+ and kefir on cauliflower "rice"


Lama Lasagna

Llama with peppers and seasonal greens between layers of cabbage leaves and topped with Happy Days Elk Antler cheese and drizzled with Baie Run Omega 3 Oil



Lightly grilled camel with bone broth and cheese, peppers, seasonal greens and sauerkraut rolled in steamed cabbage leaves and topped with Baie Run Bright Life supplement


Yakaroni and Cheese

Yak scrambled with farm fresh eggs, kefir and squash "noodles" and cauliflower topped with Happy Days Goat cheese and Baie Run Happy Tummy


Eggs & Bison Benedict

Grilled bison with squash, sweet potatoes, kefir and Baie Run Pure Eyes

Served on a bed of cauliflower "rice"


Sunday Surprise Omelette

Fresh eggs and seasonal veggies with a different novel protein Kangaroo, Antelope, Emu or something new each week, topped with Baie Run Playful Paws. Be sure to come in weekly to try them all!

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